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A Night of Dance Breaks and Dad Jokes

Last weekend's Idaho Pun Slam drew in a large crowd for a night of laughs at the Lounge at the End of the Universe.

There was a lot to celebrate over the weekend, from Juneteenth to Father's Day, to the reopening of the indoor Idaho Pun Slam.

Puntestant Samuel and Host Tiffany Eller. Photo by

Contestants gave us their best puns on topics ranging from gardening to grocery shopping. Two contestants even rapped their jokes! Everyone who competed did a phenomenal job in the first two rounds.

In a historic first, the third round featured the SAME FINALISTS as our last fully-produced pun slam in January 2020. Bree Jones and Eric Cole went head-to-head on the topic of "Christmas Songs." Eric again repeated history by taking the grand prize of a free drink, tickets to any Idaho Pun Slam, and a punny gift bag from the dollar store.

Finalists Eric Cole and Bree Jones hug it out after an intense pun-off. Photo by

Idaho Pun Slam founders, Tiffany Eller and Daniel Vogt, had their five-year-old daughter, Henley, with them for her first pun slam. Henley had been so excited to come see what the hubbub was all about, but throughout the show she grew disenchanted by the lack of singing and dancing.

Her night was made when Mom let her tell her best joke on stage:

What did the chicken say when he went to the library? Booook, book-book-book, booook!

And of course, there's always time for a dance break.

Henley (5) and host Tiffany Eller stop for a brief dance break. Photo by


Did you miss the last pun slam?

Listen to the whole show on Spotify or Apple Podcasts!


The next Idaho Pun Slam is July 16 at 7 pm at the Lounge, located at 2417 Bank Dr. Tickets available now. Get your tickets now to save a few bucks ($7 online, $10 at the door).


Did you miss the last pun slam?

Listen to the whole show on Spotify or Apple Podcasts!


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